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SDI’s Protective Face Guards Distributed Nationally

SDI manufactured over 300,000 face guards in just four weeks for multiple retailers such as Boots, Tesco, M&S, Morrisons, Superdrug and One Stop.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic reached our shores, our team sprang into action to develop hygiene and PPE products that would allow key workers to continue providing vital services. This includes the creation of face guards, specially designed to reduce the risk of contamination and reassure both staff and customers.

With these products being in such high demand, we have worked promptly in order to assist in enabling public domains to stay open during this pandemic.

Headshot of a woman a wearing face guard facing forward backward

The face guards are made of 0.5mm PET and have been strategically designed in-house to be flat packed in boxes of 50. We’ve provided fitting instructions for each face guard so staff will be able to easily assemble them, reducing the risk of unnecessary contact.

For more information on our hygiene range, or to arrange a call with our retail team, visit our hygiene and PPE page.