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Bespoke Vimto displays mix things up

Our two new Vimto display units are causing a splash with customers in Manchester and Birmingham’s Selfridges stores.

We were approached by Vimto to develop a bespoke, permanent and disruptive pop-up display that would create excitement and make a real impact within the food section of Selfridges Trafford.

The unit was going to showcase Vimto’s confectionery line, as well as other licensed goods. It had to capture the unique vibrancy and spirit of the Vimto brand, so we took the ‘Seriously Mixed Up’ strapline and the fun-filled, slightly chaotic aesthetic of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our inspiration.

The result was a bright, fun and interactive factory-themed unit that facilitated space for numerous products, from jelly beans to nostalgia-themed fudge, and included a fridge for Vimto drinks.

Two different units – one for the confectionery line, and one to promote Vimto’s slushie drinks – were manufactured at our in-house production facility in Loughborough and installed into Selfridges by our team. The feedback from both Vimto and Selfridges has been overwhelmingly positive so far, and the stores have seen a significant uplift in sales as a result of the new units. As a result of the units’ success, Vimto are considering further rollouts in other major outlets.

“Developing such fun and unique stands for Vimto was a pleasure for our team, and we’re delighted to see that they have had such a positive impact on sales,” said Ian Wright, managing director. “We relish the opportunity to test our creativity to the limit, and we look forward to meeting the challenge of producing further units for Vimto down the line.”